Frequently Asked Questions

How is SerendipPT different from traditional PT?

Unlike most PT clinics, a client at SerendipPT will spend the entire session with the physical therapist. There are no techs or protocols.  It is just the therapist and you. SerendipPT uses hands-on bodywork to restore the connective tissue & skeletal mobility and to relieve pain. Each session is unique based on what your body needs.

 What is fascia? 

Fascia is a densely connective tissue system which infuses our nerves, bones, blood vessels, organs. Fascia is composed of collagen and elastin. It is one continuous structure that binds us head to toe. Each part of our body is connected via the fascia. Thus, trauma from one region of the body can affect distant areas. 

​How does fascia become tight? 

Fascia can bind down and become tight from poor posture, surgery, stress and trauma. When it tightens, it can pull with up to 2000lbs/square inch crushing pain sensitive structures, altering the skeletal posture and causing pain.

How is Myofascial Release performed? 

John Barnes' MFR is a full-body hands-on technique. The therapist will assess the tissue texture and posture of the client. The technique is performed on dry skin, without lotions or oils. The therapist uses hands to elongate the tissues along the head, neck, spine, and muscles through out the body.

Will I be sore? 

Clients usually feel great relief from the treatments. They often tell the therapist, “That is the area of my pain!” Occasionally, they may feel soreness. This is not injurious pain. It is the fascial voice. It is important to relay the information to your therapist for successive treatments. A hot pack or bath is helpful to alleviate any discomfort.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a relatively new technique using solid filament needles (similar to acupuncture needles). The therapist inserts a needle into trigger points to relieve the pain.

What is a trigger point? 

Trigger points are taut bands of tight muscles. There is excessive jitter or spasm in these points causing pain in the muscle and often, distant area.

What will I feel?

The client will feel a twitch of the muscles as the motor point depolarizes. If there is any residual discomfort, ice greatly helps.

How does it work?

The dry needling releases the spasm, allows for increased blood flow and oxygen into the tissues. The pH increases from acidic to basic. These changes allow for a decrease in pain.

Can treatment help me even if I'm not injured?

Your therapist will discuss your goals, assess your body and determine what is needed to achieve your desired outcome. A combination of Myofascial Release, soft tissue mobilization, energy work, and manual therapies will help you feel relaxed and grounded. By restoring the fascia’s integrity and proper alignment, treatments can improve blood flow, nerve conduction and muscle power. Energy is restored to your system. MFR feels great. You leave feeling refreshed and released.

How long is a session? 

Sessions last 55 min. Longer sessions (90-120 min) are available if requested. 

How often should I have treatments?

Your therapist will give you suggestions on how to maintain and enhance your treatment. We recommend giving yourself 15 min/day to practice the stretches, perform an inner journey to find restrictions, do a grounding exercise and tune into your body. Having regularly scheduled MFR sessions helps to keep the body functioning at optimal levels. Once a month sessions are an amazing gift to oneself to stay healthy and feel fabulous.

How do I get started? 

Contact SerendipPT via email or by phone to discuss treatment options and set up your appointment.