Musculoskeletal Issues

Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes Method) is the basis for every treatment at SerendipPT. We assess the whole body to determine the source of the issues, looking at posture, lines of force pulling the skeletal frame off balance, tension in the muscles and fascial system, restrictions in the joints and, the alignment of the pelvis.  

Combining the skills of a physical therapist with the mastery of myofascial release, a treatment plan is then applied. Authentic healing is achieved by balancing the skeletal frame and connective tissues known as fascia, releasing unwanted restrictions and emotions, and creating lasting effects.

Unlike traditional physical therapy, the client spends the entire session with ONLY the PT receiving hands-on treatment. Exercises and self help tools may be introduced for use at home to empower the client to self treat. See our YouTube channel Serendip PT Myofascial & Bodywork for details. 

SerendipPT treats multiple conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system using Myofascial Release, Joint and Visceral Mobilization, a variety of manual therapies and fine tuning with Dry Needling.  If you suffer from any of the following conditions, consider our treatment options:




Jaw Pain


Shoulder Tension

hip pain.jpg

Hip Problems

knee pain.jpg

Knee Pain


Tight Muscles




Neck Pain


Spine Issues

Sand Dunes

Breast Surgical Scars


Elbow Discomfort

Surgical Scars