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"The Fascial system is a Key Component for Proper Hydration"

Recently I read an article called,"The Science of Optimal Hydration” by Joseph Mercola. He included one of my favorite videos showing LIVE fascia, recored by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimerteau. My teacher, John Barnes has shown us Dr.G’s videos in class for many years. Now I am sharing it with you along with excerpts from his article. I hope you enjoy… Jane

During these hot summer days, it is important to stay hydrated.

We are told to drink plenty of water.

But there are 4 forms of water.

Water exists as liquid, ice (solid), vapor (gas) and gel.

We Americans tend to get our water in liquid form by drinking water.

In desert communities, Where fresh water is scarce, they obtain hydration from desert plants.

These plants have a gel form of water.

How much water should you drink? Generally, aim for 8 glasses of water/day.(48-60 oz). The need may vary depending on your activity level and how much you sweat. You can look at your urine to determine if you are well hydrated. Pale yellow indicates good hydration whereas dark yellow means you are dehydrated.

But how do we assure that the water gets into our cells?

New scientific discoveries are showing the importance of fascia for properly hydrating the tissues in our body and brain.

Fascia acts as a hydraulic pump moving fluid through the body.

Moving your joints helps the fluid to travel throughout the body.

When we sit all day, we are preventing the fluid from moving around.

So, we need to move to allow the fluid to reach everywhere.

Nod your head to get fluid to move into your brain and allow your fascial system to move the water and hydrate your tissues. AND>>>>>>

You can optimize the health of your fascia by getting regular Myofascial Release (MFR) treatments. Myofasical Release elongates your fascial connective tissue and opens areas that are bound down, stuck and tight. These stuck areas prevent the fluid movement that is needed for hydration. Tight fascia can compress the skeletal frame and crush the nerves, shorten the muscles and alter the posture. MFR allows your skeletal frame to freely move so your posture and muscles work at their most efficient levels. Click HERE to watch the video on how the fascial system moves water in our bodies.

Best of all, MFR feels great. There is no need to have a problem to correct. MFR is a great tool to promote the optimal health of your tissues. Call to set up your MFR session today!


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