Even if there is no pain or any issues to correct, one can benefit from treatment at SerendipPT. Using Myofascial Release, energy work, craniosacral therapy, and soft tissue massage, the client is able to relax, find serenity, and feel great.


Myofascial Release works on the connective tissue known as Fascia. Fascia can bind down and become tight with poor posture, stress, trauma and surgery. If tight, fascia can pull with up to 2000 pounds/square inch, crushing pain sensitive structures and pulling the skeletal frame off balance. Such tension does not show up on standard diagnostic tests ( MRI, Xray, CAT scans). Drugs, traditional physical therapy and massage will not relieve the straight-jacket of pressure caused by tight fascial.


Myofascial Release (MFR) addresses the mind/body system and releases the straight jacket. Results achieved through Myofascial Release with SerendipPT lead to improved posture, the ability to play, be active, sleep, be intimate, and enjoy life. During treatments, our therapist listens to your body and uses it as a guide to facilitate and release unwanted emotional and physical restrictions. 


We encourage clients to tune in to their body during sessions. We guide clients to unwind or move and release energy from their system. Unwinding is the body’s wisdom allowing the healing process. It allows for self correction and release. 

Each person is unique. Each session is unique. Treatments are good for EVERYONE. Maintaining balance in fascial systems is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Monthly MFR treatments provide relief and are a gift to your body enabling you to stay healthy and feel fabulous.

Myofascial Release sessions at SerendipPT include craniosacral treatment and energy work. MFR allows the client to release tension, relieve pressure and relax the mind and body. Want to know more? Reach out and we can guide you to finding the right path for you.


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