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John F. Barnes, PT

Owner at Myofascial Release Seminars &

Therapy on the Rocks

Treatment Center

“I recommend Jane highly in all endeavors related to Myofascial Release and the healing arts. Her skill level, kindness and professionalism are what make Jane an exceptional therapist.” John F. Barnes, PT, owner of Myofascial Release Seminars and Therapy on the Rocks Treatment Center.

Lorraine Flisher, RN


Easton, Maryland

I was suffering with severe hip pain for months and over a series of 3 visits, Jane was able to significantly reduce the discomfort and improve my structural alignment. She is a very skilled and compassionate practitioner. I would highly recommend her.

Holly F.


St. Michaels, Maryland

Jane O’Brien Franczak was my therapist for 2 years. She is compassionate and has an innate ability to direct treatment to maximize the benefit to her patients. She was able to significantly reduce my pain level and greatly improve the quality of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without her help. I highly recommend Jane to anyone out there who is in pain. Why suffer when you don’t have to?

Jannie Regino

Personal Trainer

Easton, Maryland

I highly recommend Jane.
I was experiencing neck and shoulder tension and after one treatment of dry-needling/ myofascial release she was able to reduce my discomfort level significantly.
She is amazing!

Jim Niehus


Centerville, MD

I highly recommend Jane for difficult PT challenges.  She wisely searches for the cause of pain rather than simply treating the symptoms.  She thoughtfully applies her deep knowledge and experience base and accepts tough cases as a challenge.  Jane has a very pleasant manner and is delightful to work with.  She successfully discovered the cause of my pain and identified an effective remedy. 

Karin S.


Cambridge, Maryland

Jane has magic hands! Besides my chiropractor, Jane has been the only one who can reach the problem areas in my body. I can feel the magic in her touch as she accesses the issues. I am so glad that I found her!

D. Fields


Easton, Maryland

I was a patient of Jane’s for treatment of severe neck, shoulder and arm pain.  I found Jane to be very caring and empathetic to my particular problem.  Jane’s treatment using a combination of Myofascial Release and stretching exercises went a huge way to helping me reach my goal of recovery.  Thank you, Jane!

Sandra Sparrow


Baltimore, Maryland

Jane is a life long friend and a soothing professional who is very knowledgeable. She is patient and enjoys helping you with all your aches and pains. She makes PT enjoyable. 

Krys K


Easton, Maryland

After having tried several medications, which did not relieve my symptoms, My doctor highly recommended I give Myofascial Release and Dry needling a try. The pain in my body has reduced significantly since [my] first treatment. I attribute this success to Mrs. Franczak’s extensive knowledge of the medical part of her job and her obvious interest in her patient’s health and healing. Her understanding of the application of techniques are remarkable and quite impressive.