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Healing Hands for Pets - Part 2

You may recall our adorable puppy patient Benny that we treated a couple of months ago... he was brought in after a car accident that impacted his head. While he didn't appear to suffer any severe injuries, it was obvious to his owner that he wasn't OK. His behavior and eating habits changed, making him unsocial and unexcited about food.

Immediately after a short session with Jane where he received intentional healing touch via craniosacral therapy Benny perked up and started demonstrating his normal, chipper, social behavior. Here is an update on our beloved, four-legged, furry friend:

Benny, the dog received a lot of prayers and craniosacral therapy during his session.

He felt the LOVE and care from his owner and from Jane.

He is doing well and back to being his young puppy self.

How can it be that our touch, energy and intention can heal?

Animals innately know what they need.

They don’t put up resistance or try to figure out the who, what, where, when, how of their issues. They can simply BE present while on the table.

They enter the room and trust.

Like humans, they are wary at first, but they soon FEEL the value by experiencing the benefit, even if it subtle.

They aren’t thinking about where they need to be next or the consequences of treatment, or their next meal.

They just are in the MOMENT of the experience, receiving total love and care.

We can learn from animals.

Learn to listen to our bodies.

Play when feeling feisty.

Run, jump, STRETCH, rest.

Enjoy our companions.

Indulge in being touched and loved.

Be in the moment.

Take time to receive what is being offered.

At SerendipPT, we offer Myofascial Release, a hands-on healing and caring session, designed just for you, based on what your body needs.

Dry needling is used for those troublesome areas.

Suggestions for self-treatment are given to further your process.

Love is at the center of each treatment.

We love what we do.

We love our clients.

We pray for each of you during your sessions.

Many times, we will pray together with our clients.

Let us help you get back to YOU.

Come in for a session.

Come in and allow us to help you to BE in the moment and heal.

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