About Our Therapist

Jane O'Brien Franczak,


  • Women’s Clinical Specialist, Board Certified 

  • CAPP-Pelvic Section on Women’s Health

  • Myofascial Release Therapist, Expert, Instructor

  • Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist in Dry Needling

Jane Franczak has practiced physical therapy for over 28 years. After graduating from Boston University in 1992 with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy,  Jane moved out west and focused her clinical practice in orthopedics. 5 years later, Jane refocused her practice with Myofascial Release (MFR) while working and studying in Sedona, AZ, under the guidance of the founder, John Barnes, PT. She is considered an expert in MFR and assists the Myofascial seminars as an instructor, teaching along side of John Barnes.


Through Myofascial Release, Jane began training in pelvic health. She followed the Section on Women’s Health (aka APTA Pelvic Health Academy) coursework. Her advanced training in pelvic health was recognized with the Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP) in 2008.  After closing her clinic in Lake Tahoe in 2014, she returned home to Maryland to work at Johns Hopkins. There,  she exclusively treated clients with pelvic floor disorders. Jane is honored to be one of less than 500 Board Certified Women’s Clinical Specialist (WCS). She served a 2 year term as an Item Writer for Specialization Academy of Content Experts, developing examination questions for the certification exam. She is certified in Dry Needling through Myopain Seminars to address pain from trigger points. 


The skills and education of Mrs. Franczak lend well to patients of all varieties. She enjoys the challenges of clients who report that they have tried everything yet continue to have their issues. Jane looks at the entire being when addressing her clients. She allows her physical therapy skills to blend with her intuitive senses to listen to the body, providing healing at the core level. 


Outside of work, Jane loves to spend her time with her family and enjoys outdoor sports and traveling.