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Physical Therapy - Myofascial and Pelvic health

Do you struggle with pain that prevents you from living the life you desire?

Want a solution that will treat the cause of your symptoms?

Want to end reliance on pain meds and surgery?

Looking for personalized attention focused on your unique issues?

SerendipPT - Releasing Pain & Tension at the Core so you can Get Active and Stay Active

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Free Download 

5 tips to End a Headache in the pelvic region.  

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7 Ways to Ease Back Pain w/o Pills. 

Get the essential list to easily fix back pain

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Top 10 essentials for your MFR sessions


Jane Franczak Board Certified Women's Clinical Specialist.Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist. Myofascial Release Therapist and Instructor.

Meet Jane

I help people feel good in their body & return to their active life without pain meds, surgery or multiple visits to the doctor. 

Jane Franczak, PT, WCS, CMTPT
Board Certified Women's Clinical Specialist
Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist
Myofascial Release Therapist & Instructor


Myofascial Release

& Dry Needling

 Relieve Pain,

Move with Ease,

Feel Good in your Body,

Get your Life Back

Myofascial Release and Dry Needling
Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health

Stay Dry, Be Intimate,

Enjoy Pregnancy, No Mommy Pooch, Empty Fully,

Pee Less Often. 

SerendipPT Seminars 

Dynamic learning from an expert in Pelvic Health and Myofascial Release.

*Craving additional self-treatment?

*Lacking time, resources or courage for in-person treatment?

*Desire for more of Jane’s unique expertise?


Go to to explore your learning opportunities.


“In the clinic, I am always teaching clients. Knowledge is empowering when put to use.” 

Jane O’Brien Franczak, MPT, WCS, CMTPT

What Clients Say

"I recommend Jane highly in all endeavors related to Myofascial Release and the healing arts. Her skill level, kindness and professionalism are what make Jane an exceptional therapist." 

John F. Barnes, PT
Owner at Myofascial Release Seminars &Therapy on the RocksTreatment Center

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