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A picture is worth a thousand words!

There is a reason I specialize in Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR). This modality works and produces fast, long-lasting results.

Over the years, I have honed my skills to be able to gather a lot of information, simply by looking at someone's stance and posture. These indicators allow me to assess the individual and know how to proceed during treatment, tailoring our session to prioritize their body's needs.

Take a look at the picture below! The pictures of these individuals were taken before and after just one session. See the comments below on what it is I see when I look at these images.

First, let's focus on the top images of the man in yellow. The left image was taken before treatment. Notice how elevated his right hip is and how he is leaning towards his left. Also, can you see how his left hand is lower and his right shoulder is higher?

Now, after his 60-minute session of Myofascial Release Therapy, you can see the difference in the picture on the top right. His trunk is no longer learning, his waist has evened out. His shoulders are even and his hands are almost at the same level!

For our lady in orange! The bottom left picture is before her treatment. Right away I can see how her right shoulder is lower and her right hand appears longer. Her trunk is also compressed, notice the skin fold at the waistline?

Here she is after MFR treatment on the bottom right. Her shoulders and hands are now even, the skin fold is gone and so is her trunk compression!

Imagine what consistent treatment can accomplish!

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