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What just a few of our satisfied clients have told us…



JO (Person performing physical therapy at NTPT)!


"I put your names in all caps because I just want to stand on my desk and exclaim: Jane ROCKS!

Your internal releases coupled with foot manipulations…HOLY COW! I feel amazing.

The foot is still a little sore but nothing like before.

I walked in a cripple and out a new diva!

WOW! Thank you so much Jane. I appreciate your expertise!!!”

Andrea S.


“Jane has given me my life back. I had terrible tummy issues prior to therapy. Her ‘handy’ work has allowed me to achieve running goals that seemed so far out of reach. Her expertise with how the body works, functions and relaxes has drastically changed my life. I truly am enjoying the enhanced quality of life therapy has provided me. You will not be disappointed with your results!”

-Andrea Hutchinson


Jane’s knowledge and hands-on experience in Myofascial Release have been a God send for me in terms of controlled pain.  -Joan Graham, Incline Village


“My experience has been thoroughly positive.  I especially appreciate the professional skills of my therapist and her undivided attention to my concerns during our sessions.  She has effective therapeutic techniques and broad interests and experience in the health field.  Since beginning therapy, my health has steadily improved and I look forward to a full recovery.”

-Shirley Altick


“I notice I have been walking straighter.  My pain level is much better.  I am getting in & out of bed easier without help the way you all showed me”, her daughters state, “Her mobility is much better improved and her step is quicker”.

-Edna Smith and daughters


“Great experience, very helpful and patient staff.  I would recommend Jane to anyone in need of excellent treatment”.

-Katherine Lyons


“From the first day of therapy I felt comfortable with the staff and surroundings…very accommodating, friendly and professional”.

-Cindy Keenly


“I have experienced Physical Therapy at numerous facilities in 3 different states and feel this clinician is the most experienced, competent and professional practitioner I have worked with”.

-Sandy Wexler


“Improving every day with physical therapy.  Would recommend the Jane and crew to anyone”.

-Dr. Tim Heilman, MD


“My experience was excellent! All staff was real friendly and caring.  Thank you with appreciation”.

-Trudy Rosenberg


“You have truly been instrumental in my success……thank you for helping me to release all that tummy tension!”

-Andrea Hutchinson


“Jane has been extremely instrumental in my healing.  They offer a unique and positive experience that works with decreasing pain and improving physical wellness”.

-Maggie Schumacher




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