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We are hiring a Therapist

Therapist (PT/PTA - preferred, MT - considered). 

Posting date - 12/11/23


Are you a therapist seeking more from your work? 

Tired of scrambling to keep up with the paperwork, the clients, the demands of traditional physical therapy?


SerendipPT is seeking a talented therapist to work in our clinics. 

We resolve pain & pelvic floor disorders using Myofascial Release, Manual therapies and Dry needling so clients can be active & feel great, no meds, no surgery.

We believe that hands-on healing is key to resolving pain and addressing the barriers that keep us from feeling and moving our best. So many clinics focus on exercise. We focus on relieving tension, releasing restrictions and improving motor health. Our main modalities are Myofascial Release and Dry needling. We guide people in their inner journey as well as their structural efficiency. 


If you have an interest in being part of a healing journey for your clients and for your career, join our team. 


Interested in MFR but not yet trained? Let’s talk. 


Want to feel fulfilled in your job, not rushed? 


Want to learn more? 

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