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Our Promise to Our Clients

At SerendipPT we have the opportunity to work with individuals to help them achieve their goals. From pain relief to resolving dysfunction, what brings people to seek treatment can vary greatly.

Regardless of one's reasoning, we are grateful for the chance to give our patients the results they're hoping for. Upon making contact, we hope to learn exactly what it is our potential client may be experiencing. Are they in pain? Are they struggling with daily life and activities? From there we love to know what they are hoping to accomplish through hands-on therapy and bodywork. With these details, we are able to move forward together with an understanding of what our goals are and how to get there.

With our decades of specialized experience, we are able to evaluate our patients each time we see them to see how they are showing up in that moment. What is the body calling for? It is with these signals we can hone in on how to proceed during treatment and send our patients home feeling better and eager to continue treatment with us and at home.

It is important to grasp that the path to healing dysfunction and pain are not a quick fix. In order to truly heal foundationally, time, patience, consistency, and commitment to treatment are crucial to our success. Together, we can formulate a plan and move through it together.

Packages for multiple sessions are available for clients needing more care to get back on track. Ideally, our patients are able to commit to treatment and as we make bigger strides and see the results we want, are able to back off on frequency and continue their healing on their own at home.

We also offer a tune-up maintenance option through our Wellness Warriors Program that allows members to stay on top of their mobility and functionality by coming in once a month at a fixed, discounted rate.

Many mainstream, clinical practices may be quick to recommend pain medications and surgeries as a solution. While those options may have a place in healthcare, they are not the only way. We can heal ourselves and solve problems without subjecting our bodies to dangerous procedures and harmful drugs. We want our patients to feel good and maintain healthy habits that are sustainable long term.

Our promise is to always do our very best in treating our patients. To show up, ready to put our arsenal of holistic tools to work into our sessions. The goals of our clients will remain a shared priority and every choice we make during treatment will be working towards those goals.


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