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Example of Myofascial Release for Bladder Frequency, Abdominal Pain and Nocturia.

I treated a young patient last week with abdominal pain, night time urination x3/night, anxiety and asthma. After evaluating her, I saw that her trunk was shifted Right, her pelvis was mal-aligned, her pubic ridge was uneven and had trigger points, her abdomen had great tension and her left leg had poor caudal glide. After I applied MFR (Myofascial Release) to her trunk in side lying, I addressed her fascia in the lower abdominal region and her respiratory diaphragm, her right psoas, balanced her pelvis, and treated her tension near her bladder. I then addressed her cranium for tension near her eyes in the sphenoid bone. After 45 min, my treatment was finished for the day. She arose from the table, ran 5 laps around the table and exclaimed,” I feel all stretched out!” That night, she slept 9 hours and did not awake until 5:30 am to urinate. The next night, she did not awake at all to urinate. She had no pain either day.

The bladder is anchored to the pubic bone by the uracus ligament. When the pubis is mal-aligned, the bladder is pulled into a torsion and cannot function properly It is imperative to release this restriction and to align the pelvis for the bladder mobility in the body and for proper urge sensation.

My sense is that the patient would settle down for the night in her bed and the fascial tension would pull, gripping her abdominal region. She would awaken in pain, causing anxiety. All of the deep breathing and prayers could not release this tension. It is not until myofascial release was applied, that the system can stop being in hyper alert, settle down and allow for the body to relax.

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