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Healing Hands for Pets

Many of you that have felt the benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy and bodywork can attest to the magic of this holistic form of treatment. We use intentional touch and movement to assist the body in restoring its alignment and relieving tension. Energetically, this is also cultivating calm and peace in our body.

What if I told you that energy healing is available and helpful to animals?!

Meet Bennie, my new four-legged patient!

A client of mine mentioned that her dog recently had an unfortunate accident and was hit by a car. The contact made with the car was to his head. Since the accident, Bennie wasn't acting himself. He wasn't eating well and his bubbly, energetic, social personality turned shy and lethargic. I encouraged my client to bring Bennie in for some healing touch and energy work...

Bennie was extremely receptive to therapy and remained perfectly calm while I did cranial work on him. After treatment, he jumped up on the table, asking for more! He also had a blast socializing with everyone at the yoga studio! Acting like his true self! What's more, is he ate a hearty meal later that day.

Both my client and I were happy to see Bennie recovering from such a traumatic experience. It is a miracle he wasn't seriously injured and a joy to see him coming back into his beautiful, happy self again!

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