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Resolve --> Recover --> Stay Resilient

Healing pain and dysfunction require time, commitment and focus. Through holistic care and natural, gentle therapy, we can recognize the root of the issue to better understand how to address it.

Taking prescribed pain medications may treat the symptom, but it will not heal the body. Many physicians rely on testing and imagery to attempt in successfully diagnosing patients. And while they're findings may be true, harmful medications or risky surgeries may be the recommended treatment plan.

At SerendipPT, we listen to our patients. We listen to their bodies. We take time to carefully assess and evaluate where we see tension, or where the dysfunction is coming from.

The first step is to Resolve the problem and allow time to Recover. This is done through consistent treatment. Stay Resilient through regular "tune-up's" and persistent dedication to wellness through therapy, eating well and movement.

Our goal is to relieve any pain or dysfunction so that our clients can get back to living their life pain free and enjoying all the activities they love. We educate our patients and equip them with the tools to continue care at home.

There is no "quick fix" to healing, it is a choice and commitment to be made again and an investment in ourselves. When we feel good, we are able to show up fully and be better for our loved ones.

Contact us today! Invite us to be a part of your wellness journey!


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