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Trust + Healing go hand in hand.

As we do the mind/body work to restore function and resolve imbalances, our approach must be an open and trusting one to succeed.

Pain is a powerful and debilitating experience. It wears on us. Dysfunction affects our daily life and how we experience it. Living with these issues can create despair in believing we can heal or distrust in professionals because intervention hasn’t helped before.

At SerendipPT, we listen and use our decades of specialized knowledge to assess symptoms and the root of pain and dysfunction. We treat to heal and resolve issues. We understand the road you’ve been on may be rough and riddled with uncertainty. 

All we ask is that you come into treatment open and ready to receive. To believe that holistic bodywork is effective. That hands can heal!

Trust that our knowledge and methodology in how we pursue and address your healing always has your best interest as a priority. That how we choose to use our time together is what we believe to be best and what your mind, body and spirit needs.

Let’s talk about your expectations and communicate about our goals. We can heal together. Contact us today!

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